NOIRE ET BLANCHE is a project created by Rosa Taboada to combine talent and create unique audiovisual projects.

We develop productions, art direction and production of audiovisual works with author's signature

Born in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), she begin to takes pictures during her Philosophy university studies. In July 99 she travels for the first time to Paris staying in “Colegio de España”. Camera on hand she crosses all galleries and exhibitions in “the city of lights” in order to learn about light and artist photography. In 2006 she decides to work full time as a photographer and she learns the platinotipia technic from Isabel Muñoz. On the following year she attends Carlos Cánovas workshop in which she learns the managing of plates camera and in September of the same year she travels to Vancouver to attend a workshop with master photographer Ralph Gibson.

In 2015 she has been selected by Christian Caujoulle to participate in a workshop in Arlés where she exhibited his work. She has been with master photographers as Paolo Roversi, Antoine d'Agata and Ellen Kooi. Her aproach to the cinematographic languages start with a workshop with Víctor Erice, which was followed by other workshops with him focused on the relationship between cinema, literature and painting.

"She reveals poetical and pictorial images,

a creator of magical stories and atmospheres..."


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